What I need right now..3’s shoulder to rest on

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It’s almost midnight. I’m still trying my very best to finish up a few pieces of una maki left. What a tiring day. Couldn’t get a good sleep last night. I don’t know what was it that I worried about. It started around 4.30am..to 5am..for Subuh prayers.. then 6.15am..then 6.45am..and finally awake at 7.15am. I finalised my packing and relaxed with forever darling Iffat. He asked, “Kenapa dalam badan ani karas macam BATU kan?”…I thought that was very funny. Couldn’t believe kids would came up with such things we never thought of. Batu. Hehe.

The flight was ok. Had a few small turbulence as we approach Singapore. It made me think, when can I TOUCH the cloud? I would really love to. The inflight entertainment aired the interesting places in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. It has been years since my last visit to KK. And somehow it crossed my mind that if Im going to KK, I wanna go to mount Kinabali and “touch the clouds”. Yes I want to do that. Why lately all these KK stories? Erne & I thought of going to KK before Erne got married. After I told this to Siti, I came up with the idea of hiring strippers. Male, of course. Siti even said, “maybe we could book ’em, through yellow pages in KK”. Hahahaha.. I never thought there is a section of “strippers” in the yellow pages. That would be nice. So we fantasised of a sort-of bachelorette party. And hence, the trip is strictly girls only. The circle of girls. Hopefully the already married one can go with us. *rite*

The weather is Singapore is fine. One moment it’s so heaty. One moment it is gloomy. But Thank God it didn’t rain. The christmas sale is ON! I just realised, I only come to Singapore at the end of the years for 2 years in a row. It doesn’t matter. Before we made it to Centrepoint, we stopped at this hmm..stall..that sells all kinds of calling cards including local sim cards. He sell it to me for $50 with $72 of local calling credits and $38 of international calling credits. I didn’t realise the international calling credit drained out to quickly. I talked to 3 for more than 30 minutes! I miss 3. Im sure 3 misses me too. Oh btw, Muji has just opened its new outlet here in Singapore! Yeay! I know! I don’t have to think of getting Muji’s stuffs via someone in UK now. Muji is nearer to Brunei..cool. I am so happy. My last visit to Muji outlet was in June at Whiteleys, Bayswater. I was with ever darling Iffat while Nana was with the mommy.

I miss UK.

Tomorrow is another day. Today I’m happy that:

  1. I talked to 3
  2. I had a good laugh with everdarling Iffat
  3. Nana hugged me many times
  4. I bought a shoe at M&S
  5. I bought stuffs from Muji
  6. I got new CD albums from HMV
  7. I bought Paris Hilton CD with free DVD
  8. I bought Aerosmith’s latest compilation album
  9. I ate at Mos Burger..the drink’s large size is HUGE *burps*
  10. I had Una

3, I love you..


Written by ezann

November 13, 2006 at 11:55 pm

Posted in General, Love

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  1. yooo…first day datang sudah shopping…bukan main byk lagi ko belurih hehehe irwan is also going off to spore dis sunday (19th).. *uwaaa* confirm tah ku nda dpt ikut tu..buurringgg!!

    btw, if u’ve got time, check for me da $$ for canon camera model ixus 700 hehe thanks



    November 14, 2006 at 8:00 am

  2. if i got the time loff..i will k..


    November 14, 2006 at 11:33 am

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