One tuesday in Singapore

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Yesterday I bought a Singtel simcard. I was told that the sim will contain a total credit of SGD110. Only last night I realised that it was actually SGD72 credit for local calls/sms and SGD38 for international calls/sms. Damn. And as a result, I ran out of credit. Oh. I think I did mention it previously.

Visuals of the day. Lemme start off with the nice view from my room. Lets look high up……what a beautiful cloud! I love the shape, colour and seems so calm.


Next we have the river and the bridge. Apologies for the quality of the pictures. Please click for full view. The bridge is kinda nice but not from the top view. I don’t have a clue from where and to where does it connect to.

river1.jpg << the river..&..the bridge>>bridge.jpg

Let’s see what the hotel has to offer…

An LCD TV! *applause*..supplied by… ..hmm interesting!! AMOI. Never heard of such a brand before.

tv.jpg <<the LCD TV, by>> amoi1.jpg

Next is the secret passageway to Zara’s room. Ssshhh…not to be disclosed..


The beds. I personally like the brown bedcover. Nice and nice. Where can I get such bedcover?


The keyboard. To get internet via the tv. Wouldnt care less about it when I can go online with my laptop. Although it may be interesting and it is something new to me. But then again, why pay more?


I just discovered something about Singapore. I didn’t know they’re using Indonesian Malay. It’s proven at this hotel. It’s this internal telephone line directory for all the guest rooms. It has 4 languages: english, malay, chinese and japanese. However, Im only interested in the english and malay bit.

list_eng.jpg   <<english vs malay>> list_bm.jpg

Enough of the hotel room

As I mentioned previosuly, Muji has just expanded it’s outlet now in Paragon, Singapore. Here’s the prove..


Tonight, we had dinner at Lau Pa Sat with Justin (not Timberlake). We ate 10 sticks of chix satay, 10 sticks of beef satay, 4 sticks of prawn satay, 10 pieces of honey bbq wings, one small butter sotong. Wow. And yet, Justin wasn’t that “full” full. He even wanted to get some desserts. The satay hawkers really were “stalking” us. They’d follow us practically everywhere we go until at one time we’re kinda give up and finally settle down. At that time, Justin wasnt there yet. And we finally chose gerai no. 9. Nevertheless, the foods were good. Alhamdulilah.

After our very very informal dinner, Justin drove us around, passing by ECP (East Coast Place) where he wanted to bring us there for dinner which he claimed that the satay were nicer and cheaper. Damn. Then we passed the harbour port. It’s abig compound. He then brought us to Vivo City. A new shopping heaven. It is BIG. Just opened recently. Well, soft opening. The official opening will be in December. Once again, it is BIG! I think we’re one of the few Bruneians who went there. It is BIG. GAP is there. River Island will open in January. *drools* After a few minutes of strolling inside Vivo City, we went outside for fresh air and there’s this cruising ship called Doulos where the public are allowed to visit and have a look. If only we had the time, I’d really love to go in. I didn’t leave my N93 camera untouched. Here’s a prove..


Uuhhh….I almost forgot. There’s a gallery on the new Bond movie. Casino Royalle 007. And I took a few snaps of the DB9 Aston Martin Coupe. THIS CAR IS ADDED TO MY BIRTHDAY WISHLIST

007_1.jpg  007_2.jpg  007_3.jpg

We ended our tuesday at Mustafa cntr, Serangoon road. At the men’s shirt section, I found this amazing sign…



I guess that’s all that I can report for my Tuesday in Singapore.

I love 3..


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November 15, 2006 at 1:26 am

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