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My observation on people’s behaviour on the plane

Observation 1: First-timer.

Took out the camera and took photos in every angle as possible. At least be considerate by switching off the annoying clicking sound. Was quiet during the take-off and landing. But so many “oooh”s and “aah”s all the way through. Enough said.

Observation 2: Blabber-mouth.

This goes out to all those annoying kids who seemed to have a never ending question about this and that and these and those. I wouldn’t mind if they keep their voice low. Otherwise, you would get an endless list of people hating your loudness. Especially this 2 indian kids. No offense but I am always annoyed by their indian-english accent. I have my right to say this, am I? So anyways, they were simply LOUD. Got lots of unneccessary questions. Often pushing in the seat-position button so its like a fun seat for them as it goes up and down. They were given this complimentary set of colouring essentials by the airline and they said, “aunty aunty can we take it home?”. The next crew passed by and they asked again, “uncle uncle how much does it cost?”. Even when they served the food these annoying kids never failed to attract the crew’s attention, “hello aunty, do u think you can give us some more of these colouring books? I got my other siblings, my cousins and my friends to give to as well”. ARGH!! Shut up already!

Observation 3: The complaint.

Not even one thing that he is satisfied of. Everything is not right. He didnt get the complimentary newpapers (who told you to board in late?!). His handluggage had to kept in an about 0.5 meter away from him. Silly ass. He wanted a warm towel instead of a cold one. The nuts n drinks were not served to him (like it would be served!). The food wasnt good (this i agree). The temperature was terrible. The small turbulence did not comfort him (who the hell would say turbulence is COMFORTABLE?). The in-flight show wasn’t entertaining. The people around him are annoying. And so much more. One thing I would really love to say to him, “please get your life jacket and get the hell out of here”.

Observation 4: The snorer.

This person mustve a tiring day (or days). The moment he was on board. He secured in his sealt belt and walaaa…dozed off. Well, it didnt start to annoy me not until he snored! The one that is loud enough even someone from 5 seats back (and front) could hear his silly sounds. He even got mad when he was awaken by the crew that the plane is about to land!

Observation 5: The music lover.

Music is remedy to our heart. I couldnt agree more. But it becomes a sickness to our ear once the volume is turned up. And up. And up! Could they at least appreciate their health on hearing? Never mind the others..

Observation 6:  Flirty.

Oh my..

Observation 7: The cold crew.

Not only passengers annoy me. The crew as well. Aren’t they trained to smile? Arent they trained to be nice? Arent they trained to serve the passengers? One of the most terrible ones is during my flight back home from London. One that I could NEVER forget. Even her name, I still remember it..


Written by ezann

November 19, 2006 at 2:42 pm

Posted in Anger

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