Typical Bruneians

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How typical is typical Bruneian?

Quite a number of people sent me an email “You know you’re Bruneian when..”. I admit most of what was in the list are true. It can be humourous to most of us but it can also be an offensive matter. Which, we never know, can lead to a big misunderstanding. Orang Brunei tah lagi. Whatever is in that list, NOT only Bruneians do them. Bruneians, as far as I’m concerned, are very observant set of community. Either positive, or negatively. Either direct or indirectly. Sometimes they observed people too much until they forget to observe themselves where there is actually a room for improvement, i.e. wake up and stop observing.

Another thing that sometimes make me wonder is that when these emails about “typical Bruneians” are sent, forwarded and even posted in blogs, people all over the world who surf the net and read blogs will read about us. About the typical us. Ain’t that embarassing? I know it’s better to be transparent but at least show respect to our nation and our people, if not ourselves. Most of what in the list were not really taken into account whether how embarrasing it will reflect to our people. Imagine a tourist came to Brunei and ask a local, “I’ve read a bruneian blog before and there’s this list of the typical bruneians, is it true that you bruneians are ok to be fat?”. Be more sentitive people.

Its funny, yes it is funny, but I’m bluffing all these on behalf of those people who feel offended. What would you do if you feel that way?

Think about it…

Here’s the list (selected 10) and my comments on it…

1.      You ‘miss call’ instead of calling or sending sms. – Not only Bruneians do this. Accept the fact.
2.      You always say “kapih ku.. bila terima/keluar gaji/overtime/elaun ah?” – Isn’t this the nature of human being?
3.      You speak Malaysia if you meet Malaysian, speak Indonesia if you meet Indonesian.. and so on. – So that these foreigners UNDERSTAND what we want to deliver.
4.      You go to someone’s wedding, you give money using an envelope and put your name on it or if you think you don’t give enough you use a blank
envelope. – Uhhhh I didn’t know this and never heard of such cases, or is it the writer her/himself practices this? *wonders*
5.      You like electronic products from Japan. – Because we believe in quality!
6.      You are especially racist to Indian workers. – Hey man, I think you need to travel and OBSERVE more.
7.      You like to stare at phones for 24 hours and chat on MSN. – Seeing is believing. We don’t pay our bills for nothing.
8.      You know most of the people here – “eh si anak si anu eh saudara si blabla”. – Do you have any idea how small Brunei is?
9.      You wave your hand while driving to other drivers that you know. – This doesnt make you a typical Bruneian. Everywhere in the world, all drivers do this!
10.  Your friends get married on the same day and you don’t know who to go to. – Common sense. Not typical Bruneian. Urgh!

I’m proud to be a Bruneian!

Comments are always welcomed..


Written by ezann

November 21, 2006 at 3:15 pm

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