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Yea yea yea I’m back at this Italian Café in KLIA. I love the spaghetti with tomato sauce and grilled lamb. I had my Mocha Fraps @ SB. How I wish we have SB back at home.

I’m closer to home now. Just 2-3 hours away by plane. Hong Kong. Yes. Another experience. Another memory. If I am asked what I will miss the most about Hong Kong, it would be, Fung Lok Man. Our innocent driver. *smiles*

Day 1: Proceed to the VIP lounge after arrival. The consulate people and our L.O, Mellen, arranged everything for us. In the evening, I accompanied Datin window shopping. We had our meal prior to that. Ate McD’s fillet-o-fish and shared coke and fries. Reason? We don’t have HK money. Haha. Soon after the ITU Telecom World 2006 Opening Ceremony ended (which I didn’t attend), Dato brought us for dinner at this Thai restaurant. Dato, Datin, Jack, myself, Hairmi, Mellen and Johan were there. Nice food. The 1st day ended with a good sleep.

Day 2: Happy birthday me! In Hong Kong. *sad* The whole daylight was spent at the Asia World Expo attending ITU Telecom World. Evening, had dinner at Shafi & Malik’s Northern Indian Restaurant. Jack belanja. Thanks Jack. Lok Man joined us for dinner. Then we went to Nathan Road. It was boring so we decided to go to Mong Kok “Ladies” Market soon after that using the MTR. The day ended with me being so sad that I didn’t spend my dinner with my beloved ones. I miss them all.

Day 3: Happy birthday Abg Roslan! Still holding on. Homesickness getting worse. Daylight spent at AWE. Dato & Jack went back to AWE for a reception. Me, Datin & Hairmi went to City Harbour. Then Dato called and brought us dinner at Pizza Hut, City Plaza, Harbour City. Lok Man was so kesian got scolded by Datin. Good boy Lok Man! After sending Dato & Datin back to hotel, we went for a drink at Starbucks. Me, Hairmi, Jack & Lok Man. I miss 3.

Day 4: My written test. Skipped it. Again. We had lunch at Popeyes Chix n Biscuit fastfood at the airport. Dato n Datin brought us to dine at Syafi & Malik’s. Again. Later that night the usual people, had a drink at SB. I miss 3

Day 5: Happy birthday baby Waiz! You are one now! Grow gracefully little one. I love you. I cried thinking of the little ones I left back at home. I miss them a lot. The Consulate people brought us all for dinner at this oh-so-lovely seafood restaurant. I so love the crayfish! I still miss 3.

Day 6: Final day! Final final day! Went to AWE for only abt 2 hrs. Then we went to Shenzen. Wah that place got lots of good bargain stuffs. Prior to that we had our lunch at this Islamic restaurant. The lamb is so UMPH! Later that day we all went for foot reflexology. My very first time since erm, many many years!!!!! I felt so gali and sakit at the same time.

Day 7: Left HK at 9.15am. Bye HK! Now in KLIA. Waiting for the transfer counter to open. I will get the best aisle seat again this time! Cant wait to go home. I miss everyone!


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December 9, 2006 at 3:19 pm

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