The importance of bestfriends

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Before I even have to elaborate the need of having a bestfriend, it is obvious to everyone how friends play a major role in our life. Friends usually come after families. For some people, friends are their families.

I’m so glad I have such a cool network of friends. From childhood to university, I’ve met different types of friends whom I don’t regret having. Some of them I’ve lost contact with, some still in contact. During my childhood, back in BDS Kindergarten, I’ve this guy friend whom I shared crayons with. Our favourite subject is the art & craft subject. We loved origami a lot. We’re the ones who usually finished earlier than anyone else. Then we’d the the first two to taste the nyummy milo drink. Unfortunately, I dont remember his name.

I was close to different people in different stages of my academic life. From Mimi, Juliana, Lily, Shim, Siti, Karla, Dee, Fizan, Roai, Nani, Chicco, Ros, Az, Suzie, Zab and Erne. I am so glad these line of people helped me to build who I am now. A few of them whom I am still close with, I love you people! They are the ones I shared notes, secrets, laughters, tears and joy with. We exchange birthday gifts. We exchange greeting cards. We care for each other. We listen to every sorrow. We shared happiness. We helped with notes and studied together. And even skipped the classes together. I can’t imagine going through my academic years without these people. No one to talk to when you’re in need and needed.

Even now, I still need bestfriend/s. I still have my circle of girls. I still make gatherings with my UBD mates and SMB mates. The most important to me is my circle of girls. They’ve been in the journey with me for more than a decade. I am so grateful being in the circle. Just when I needed a shoulder to cry on, I have them.

Bestfriends, yes they are important!

This post is dedicated to Erne..for everything she had done and helped me shaping who I am, for always being there when needed, for sharing every happy moments, for having the same day of birthday every year, for even (used to) sharing the same car’s license plate number, for sharing the same letter for our nickname. It has been 13 years babe, what a journey it was! Good luck in every little thing you do! Love ya babe! And you will always be my very bestfriend no matter what. Thanks for the bracelet!!


Written by ezann

December 22, 2006 at 3:34 pm

Posted in Friendship

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