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Thank His Almighty for giving me the opportunity to be in 2007. Happy 2007 to all..And Happy AidilAdha to all muslims in the world.

Im back to work. 11 days off work never seemed to be enough. But it feels good to be back. Never felt better. A few new faces I’ve never seen before. Welcome to the family! And best of luck.

New year comes with new resolution. But I don’t have one. Do we always need one? I don’t know what I want to achieve by the end of 2007. I may think of something as time goes by. Nevermind..

December is always a great month for movies. Came back from HongKong and the next few days I watched Dejavu. Who says Denzel Washington isn’t great? He still is.  Then I watched Eragon. No regrets at all. Ed Speleers is hot. Cicakman was a big hit. Not so bad. Salutations to Yusry KRU for the great CGI effect. Need to work more on the story part. And some characters are annoying. I agree with Afdlin on his review of the movie. I usually am not a fan of malay movies, I admit. Because most of them are simply boring and predictable movies. To me. Unlike Afdlin’s. *smiles*. For the first time in my life, I’ve watched 2 movies in a day. Cinta and Night at the Museum. Those movies are WOW. Especially Cinta. The movie is oh-so-great, so touching, made me so emotional. But the audience was totally disrespectful. I hate! I have to say, Cinta is one of the best malay movie in 2006. Compared to Sepet & Gubra, which I dont see the point of the movies. Hah. I wonder how they won so many awards. We watched Night at the Museum after a short break. It was so funny. From 1st second to the last second. So hilarious. The final movie of 2006 that I watched was Holiday. Great one too. Not bad for a new year’s eve movie.

January. I hope to watch a few good movies. I was told that The Guardian is way too good. I have to watch it! I’m off to KK this friday evening with Erne. A weekend getaway for both of us. After years of planning, finally it came to reality!



Written by ezann

January 3, 2007 at 2:54 pm

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  1. January

    Despite the presence of Robin Williams, Night at the Museum was a very funny movie with a solid plot and great pacing. Anything dealing with history tempts writers towards pedantry, but this movie thankfully steers away from too heavy a message and, i…


    January 3, 2007 at 4:37 pm

  2. kk! hope ull enjoy kk. u must go to the pulaus utk saja2 santai or snorkeling. not much to see plang snorkeling dkt2 pulau, unless u go ampir2 pelampong2 yg define the border between the “hey u can play here” area and the “go back to other side lsister” area. also try tat thing yg bleh bring u underwater without even getting wet. wet… hmmmm… ah anyway, i think it cost around RM200++. also try parasailing or flyfish, siuk amat zannnnn! and its cheap there, parasailing is just RM80, compared to yg d sini, nda ku ingat brapa p mahal dari atu. then u go to pasar, ada tu mcm urg bisik2 arahmu, menjual tat “thing”. it taste sooo heavenly. maybe pasal its illegal n lama nda makan. then u go ke gunung, spend a night d sana just to wake up the morning after to see keindahan pemandangannya. klu kn ke poring, hmmm bleh plng utk at least merasa airnya. tpi klu kn berandam randam, gali ku.. segala kuman urg, of berbagai jenis, tinggal sana. oh i miss kk!

    rohana jalil (dptkn "rayuanku" d kbox yg berdekatan anda!)

    January 5, 2007 at 3:11 am

  3. i wish we have that lots of time koh..ani pun jgn inda menyampaikan hajat yg berkurun lamanya..haha..next saja lagi mun ada kesempatan dalam kesempitan haha..btw, lawa nama mu ah..rohana jalil.. exist masih panya…ahaha no offense!


    January 5, 2007 at 4:01 pm

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