Road runners, you driving idiot!

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These are what I’ve learnt and practised since the moment I hold the wheels:

  1. You drive slow on the left lane.
  2. Left and right signals have their purposes. To SIGNAL others the direction you are going.
  3. You drive faster on the right lane.
  4. Overtaking on the right lane.
  5. Show courtesy on the road especially when it’s your fault.
  6. Give a bit of a distance between other cars when braking.

These are basic rules. It’s common that rules are meant to be broken. But it can harm others too.

I was on my way home. Driving the right pace on the right lane. Suddenly this car came wooshing from behind. Maybe somebody is dying or his wife or girlfriend is in labour. I do not care. He just entered the right lane WITHOUT signalling and entering FAST. Sh!t. I looked at him while waiting for the green lights. He looked at me so furiously. The moment the lights turned green, he honked me and showed his mid finger. Hey! It’s not my f*cking fault. Courtesy oh courtesy. Don’t army recruits taught of being courteous and disciplined?? Am I raising a good question here?






Yes. You are one reckless driver. If only there’s a blog on youdrivingidiot along youparkingidiot, you will be in it. Tough luck.


Written by ezann

January 10, 2007 at 9:01 am

Posted in Anger

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