Food indulgence

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The foods that got into my system the past few days of this week had been fantastic.

Monday: Had mama’s kuay teow for breakfast. Skipped lunch. Nasi padang at Bugis Junction Food court. Ebi Rice Burger and Java Chips for dinner.

Tuesday: Hotel breakfast. No big deal. They all serve similar foods and beverages. Lunch at an Medanese Indonesia restaurant at Vivo City. Love the ikan bilis and the cendol. Raspberry Tea Fraps in the afternoon. The whole group went to House of Sundanese restaurant at Suntec City. I went to its other outlet during my Singapore trip with Zara last year. I still love their sotong bakar and ikan nila bakar. Absolute! Not to forget their starters, keropok emping with sambal. Perfect. Dinner ended with ice cream + pisang goreng, i.e. cucur pisang.

Wednesday: Breakfast at the hotel. Lunch at Sakae Sushi at Terminal 2, Changi Airport. Superb. The sushis are lovely. Off the topic for a moment. Our flight to Penang using SQ was perfect! The mac cheese was absolute!! The aircraft is so comfortable. Tonight, the dinner was at The View Restaurant located at the Equatorial Hotel, where we stay. It was a semi-buffet dinner. Starters and desserts were served as buffet. I chose Lamb Rack as my main course. The lamb racks are grilled and lightly fried with breadcrumbs and orange zest. The sauce is a mushroom sauce with a belnd of citrus mix; lemon, orange, lime and mandarin. Served with grilled potatoes, asparagus and fresh veges. Verdict: Beyond perfect. Among the desserts served were fruits dipped with chocolate using the choco fondue. WOW. Tiramisu, the best in Penang. Bread & Butter pudding. A 10 layer chocolate cake, drools. Fresh fruits. Rich chocolate muffin. Fruit tartlets. The best I could say is the tiramisu.

Tomorrow will be another food tasting day. More local Penang foods. Assam laksa, penang char kuay teow, penang rojak, muarchee and penang chendol. Foods oh foods here i come!

First things first, gotta hit the gym early morn! Im gonna dream of the perfect lamb rack. I love it. RM112. Worth it. But it was paid by the organiser 🙂

“I wonder” of the day: Trying a pen/pencil/marker/etc. Why do people often scribble instead of writing something else? And the scribbling starts from left to right, i.e. horizontal scribble. Why?


Written by ezann

January 17, 2007 at 11:49 pm

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  1. sakae sushi is not halal yet u eat it? hmm…


    February 12, 2007 at 11:37 am

  2. is it..? i had all the seafoods sushi plg but..oh my..i didnt know! thanks for the great info


    February 12, 2007 at 1:56 pm

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