It started with Penpals

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Before even internet was born, we make contact with friends/people thousands of miles away from us via snailmail. Let’s see the evolution. As how I understand it. To cut story short:

  • Penpals: Been there. Done that. I used to have lots of pals mainly from Malaysia. It happened when my submission of a competition of a magazine was missent to a penpal corner. Only then I started to receive lots and lots of letters from different background wanting to be my penpals. As if I was so famous. Haha. I have no idea what happen to them now. Only one is still in contact with me.
  • ICQ: I don’t find this interesting. I prefer…
  • mIRC: aha! this was cool. Soon after mIRC gained its popularity, chatters tend to make channel gatherings. This is when all secrets are revealed when lots of people actually hide their true identity. Ha! I was a regular chatter of this particular channel and held lots of gatherings for us. Until now, we still call each other by our irc nicks.
  • IMs: The most famous are MSN and Yahoo! Still up and running and becoming more and more famous. Anyone second me?
  • Web-logs: It was first known as online diary but didn’t gain as much popularity as “blogs”. Now, lots of people do blog. Including me *blush*. There’re even bloggers gathering done here and there nowadays. So long mIRC gatherings, now its bloggers’ turn!

 Power to the bloggers….


Written by ezann

February 1, 2007 at 9:23 am

Posted in General

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