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  1. The 1GB DDR RAM is now part of my laptop accessories. Yippee.. Thanks Zul for the advice and guidance. You’re the best! Thanks ZT for doing the DDR hunting in Singapore for me. I love you!
  2. Last night, as I was staring at the beautiful night sky, I was amazed to see the many many stars and the beautiful moon.  Just when I started to tilt my head 45degrees below, I saw this car with the most annoying sign ever,


    My mood changed from peaceful to disturbed. How could someone abuse the beauty of the two languages? Moon far-harm bee sigh. Got it? Saying it a little bit faster would sound….guess what… Mun faham bisai!!! Shyt! Running out of ideas already kah?

  3. From 10am til I fell asleep, I was stress..so very super stressful tidak terhingga! No puzzle can help. No jokes made me laugh. No one can cheer me up. Stressful di tahap mahatinggi! That was when I wish my life altered. And the line “Dan diri ku terabaikan” from the song Cahaya by KD kept on repeating inside my head.
  4. I was advice by my colleague to say this while smiling, “I love my job very much”. I’ll try it later. Hopefully it helps!

Helloooo long weekend!! What to do? What to doooooooooooooooooooooo????


Written by ezann

February 22, 2007 at 8:48 am

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