Patut pun murah!

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Sungguh lah aku marah. Sungguh lah aku inda suka airline atu. I will never fly with that airline no matter how desperate I am. Because it’s simply stupid.

I made a flight booking today for my bro. First try, the ERROR message prompted. Until I think the 3rd try kali, masih jua that bloody error page. So nya my bro, “bah krg mlm saja, down kali server durg”. Ok. Agreed. That might explain the error pages.

Just an hour ago kami buat booking lagi. The same thing, after 3 tryouts, masih jua error. The 4th time baru tah kira success. Then my bro checked his mail. He got the itinerary. Fine. Job done. Skali dtg lagi another email. Another different booking number. Kira double bayar teplg tu ah. Skali i checked my email. What the f*ck, I got it too. Sbb tadi ptg masa mula mencuba I used my email. So these 3 emails that we received actually yg errors ptg tadi ! So its like whatever-the-price-of-the-ticket times by 3. Baik ku makai RBA. Tantu bisai nya. I love RBA. I love i love i love!

Mlm ani punya tryouts alum sampai lagi emailnya. Imagine saja; 6 errors + 1 success in total. Kira times 7 jua membayar. Gila? Gila harta? Gila banar? Baik bom! Baik minum minyak kapaltrabang ah. Tantu kanyang. Naaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Mau kan jadi budget airline, website pun kan di “budget” kan kah? Kemati jua. Bankrupt tah kamu eh. Baik REFUND! Duit ku tu. Damn you!


Written by ezann

March 2, 2007 at 11:23 pm

Posted in Anger

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