“Saya terima nikahnya..”

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Yay. Im so happy for this couple. For she is my bestfriend in this whole wide world. For he is my ex-classmate and our parents are good friends.


(Sorry Er. Old school images. hehe)

9th March marked the most happiest day of these two souls. They have been together since about a decade ago. Salutations to you both.

Erne, I apologize for not being there during your best moments in life. How I wish I can take a day off just to attend your nikah ceremony.

Me & Erne. First we were competitors in form 1. But I lost to her. She got the best student title. In the later years, we got more closer and we are where we stand now, the best of friends ever! And will always be.

Me & Ashadil. No signifant background about us. We’re always friends from the beginning. Our parents are quite close. Im proud to say that this man is once our national squash player and now a golf addict. National golf player? Let’s just see about that.

CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding and I will always pray for your happiness in life. Alhamdulilah, you both are now officially Mr & Mrs Ashadil. *winks*


Written by ezann

March 10, 2007 at 2:32 pm

Posted in Friendship, Happy, Love

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