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how long has it been? 5 years? 6 years? wow. last night was my first time watching national (sort-of) football team play against a malaysian state team for the malaysian premier league. i was so excited last nite.

those who were with us: fazlan & wife (coordinator), rusdi & wife & babygirl, nizam & ma’am, razi & ma’am, zara & sir (zara joined us for the first half of the match saja….burinnnnnggggggg hehe), farah & sir. initially there should’ve been more than the number of people that turned up last nite. some last minute cancellations. we understand 🙂 i tot i was late. maybe its just the excitement. while queueing to go into the stadium, we talked and laughed. fun. farah’s sir was asked to stay back by the policeman because he was carrying with him a bottled drink. hehe. so we had to wait for him. this showed how long we havent been to the stadium for football matches.

i was a bit blur for the first 15 minutes. couldnt really concentrate on the game and talked with the gangs instead. DPMM F.C’s first two goals were made during the first 30 minutes of the game. the ever so ready fazlan, who brought along a plastic bag full of shredded-papers-from-the-office, showered the people surrounding him with the white bits of shredies. shredies. ehehe. i learnt that a few of the bits landed on razi’s drink and razi claimed that the drink never tasted any better. haha.

one great attempt by fazlan was when he tried to spread the shredies using that honk thingy. he pushed in a few shredies inside the thingy which he hoped that the shredies would spread out beautifully. but to such a sad attempt, he failed. we had a great laugh instead. LOL. another clever attempt was made by bai’s bro, aman. he grabbed a handful of shredies and tried to blow them. instead of blowed out, it blowed in. into his mouth. another failure, we laughed again.

the half time was the eating fiesta. those with burgers ate their burgers. we all had fun. both johor and DPMM FC scored a goal during the 2nd half. it was undeniably a not-so-bad game. the bruneian supporters are still with their nation loving attitude which i admire. i like the sound of the drums, the honks, the shouts, the swears (hehe) and all that i have observed. but then, i saw one wearing a baju kurung. wow. national dress. labih dari semangat tu. emosi. LOL.

AiTi fellas, we shud do this more often! and i will make sure i have the umbrella opened when fazlan and the crew showered us with the shredies!!!

keep it up DPMM FC! watch out for us. ehehehe

“We had joy, we fun, we had shredies in the air”


Written by ezann

March 15, 2007 at 9:36 am

Posted in Happy

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