Weekend + Monday

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  1. Watched AF5 concert last week. Sampai hati eh Astro ah for what they did to Aswad. They should’ve not done that. It’s just too sensitive. Aizat keluar? Ask the voters lah. Hmm, not that I am a big fan of AF5 but I’m just going with the flow *in denial* haha.
  2. Sudirman’s songs are superb. As superb as the singer. I miss Sudirman. I miss his Sudi drink.
  3. I just had a terrible monday morning. Thank you TUAN.
  4. Yesterday me & 3 watched “Zombi Kg Pisang”. The humor is fine but the storyline: CRAP.
  5. Yesterday me, 3 & my family watched Disney On Ice: Finding Nemo. I love i love i love i loveeeeeee Dory!!!
  6. Last night I had Lamb Doner @ Kasbah with 3. *slurps*
  7. Oh. The Nokia curse is broken. I bought another non-nokia phone last week. SE K610i. Red Edition. I heart Sony Ericsson. Oh I love red. I still love black. Red is the new black. Haha apakan.
  8. My aunt has a new drive. New Terios in gray. And I’ve drove it. Yay!
  9. I heart 3.
  10. I need to get that cheap Aifa TV!

Uuuhhh…new header? Hihihihi


Written by ezann

April 30, 2007 at 4:30 pm

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