40 days of total mess

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How small matters could lead to a total mess. Almost unbelievable but it happened.

With desperation and obsession for money, people would actually do anything for it. Even if they have to sell their soul, they would. Sad aye? Toyols, bomohs, you name it. They still exist in this hi-tech world. I think ada kali jua toyol & bomoh available online. They now go ICT too. Haha.

But it really taught me a lesson…. Although I never believed a word that came out from that devil’s mouth when he said things like “never turn on the Quran station when you’re driving, it’ll attract more ghosts”. Eh??

40 days of short naps, fear, sadness, clueless, tiredness and everything else. It was the worst 40 days of our family’s lives. About 10 years ago and it will never fade in our memories.

What reminded me of this horrible thing is the Majlis Ilmu Exhibition which is currently held at the ICC. I applaud such effort. At least people would benefit from this exhibition and not to be so gullible with such activities.

To cut story short, it started with a broke-in case. “This is the time to run our business darling”. Perhaps this was what that devil said when they found out about the break-in story. They were brought in the house to have a look if they could help. Skali nya lain yang timbul. A cult. His presence was felt EVERYWHERE we went. Siapa jua inda takut? Even myself, being anywhere alone would make me shake in fear. Damn it. This devil did things that simply can be explained by science tapi he claimed it to be magic. I wasn’t there. Too full of hatred to see him. Plus, I never believed in him.

My other elder siblings were gullible and believed whatever that came out from his mouth. We almost fitnah our own relative. Astaghfirullahal’azim.

To cut the story shorter, this devil advised us to perform the 5 prayers a day at his premises. Only my sibs went there. I never wanted to come along. What I was told that his house is so separated from other houses, it’s dark and near to the forest. And tadaaa, he also advised the “mandi bunga” to my sibs. So fake.

All except my bro, was so into this devil’s advise and teachings. He fell for it. Until everyone found out of this devil’s actual intention, money! But my bro was the only one not believing us. What saddened us was his behaviour, he would act weird when the azan was performed. Five times a day, his reaction towards azan made us felt so sad.

Alhamdulilah he was cured after 40 days. The longest 40 days of my life.

These two devils lived in Maraburung. I bet they left soon after we found the truth. Sebab the authorities did came to look for them and nowhere to be found.

Actually, berat rasa hati to tell this. But I really don’t want people to fall for such things. To lose a lot of money to these devils is one thing. To waste time is another. To live in fear is one thing we always wanted to avoid.

If I happen to meet or find this devil couple, I am sure don’t know what to do but in my heart, it will be full of anger and hatred.

Apa pun, semua ani dugaan and we did went through it. Our souls were so tired. To hell with all this bomoh, toyol, love potion, voodoo stuff….you are all SUCKERS!


Written by ezann

July 28, 2007 at 3:41 pm

Posted in Anger, Religious

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