Thoughts from the past 72 hours

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  • The closest to you may be your enemy, so do not trust anyone? How do we know if we can trust someone? How can we tell if that someone leaks secret? How should be avoid people with bad level of confidentiality?
  • Let the time tell, I may own Nokia E90 in the near future. *fingers crossed* 
  • What did I actually blog about? From unimportantos to importantos. Man, why do people read my blog? Haha
  • Why do people have to show things off? They bought new things at a high price, they tell people. They bought new things at a bargained price, they say the seller is their good friend and got a good discount. Heh..
  • Only me knows myself the best, so if you are trying to compare me and your *censored* please please please stop because I am PROUD of what I achieved. At least I don’t beg for money and ask from anyone else. You say things that made people go “uuuuwow! that’s awesome” when in actual fact, you were just trying to show off. Peace!
  • I am sick of some people who do not wanna be in a lower standard of the other. They always wanna win or draw. But preferably WIN. They heard of someone getting a laptop, they bought one for themselves. They were told that somebody is having a holiday, they quickly book tickets to go for holiday. They learnt that this person is getting married soon, they tell people their *erm whatever* will get married too. Don’t time & finance restrict you at least a bit?
  • Sometimes I think my life is too boring. It’s too confined, too dark, too dull and too narrow. I need to explore more. Thoughts: archery, travel, business, books, photography, beauty, cookery, squash & meditation.
  • People backstab. Turtles too. Scully had bitten Mulder’s front-right-foot’s nail and it bleed. Pity Mulder. Scully, please, let Mulder grow before you declare war! Heh
  • I was too excited to see my pics from Eyan. I think I was being pushy and annoying. Sorry Eyan. I just can’t wait to see your amazing work. And they truly are! Thanks a whole bunch. Will need your shutterhelp again in the near future 🙂
  • How to earn more $$ to get these stuffs: home refurnishing, televisions, desktop, my 4124’s bodykits, my beauty pampering, Pedro Garcia’s collections (oh I so want these many pairs), PS3 for my room. So how??
  • There are people out there who can never differentiate between sarcasm and joke? So everything is a joke to you??
  • I AM ENGAGED!! I love 3 *dreaming-of-you*
  • I think I wanna meet Afdlin Shauki. Again. Uh, and also the designers of Pedro Garcia’s ultimate pairs of heaven. I love!
  • It’s time to create *The List*
  • Note to self: “Finish your pile of books before you purchase new ones”. Huh? Who was that talking?
  • I miss Singapore. I miss KL. I miss Uxbridge, UK. I miss the aeroplane!!!!!
  • How I wish my dad was there on my engagement. *tears*

I miss daddy…. I miss him so much.. Things would be better if he was still here…


Written by ezann

July 30, 2007 at 1:12 am

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