Last week

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Last week. What kind of week should I call it? Chaotic? Same as the rest? *stressed*

I miss my drive. I really really miss the spacious environment. Damn continental cars. Damn spareparts. Damn damn damn!

In a blink of an eye, it seemed so cool driving a coupe cabriolet. It has been a car that I’ve always wanted to buy. Due to spacious matter, I bought a bigger version, and I love it! A lot! I love my black 4124. Damn gearbox, damn lengthy order shipments, damn car agent. And damn money. I need to save for the unknown price of the gearbox sparepart. Which might cost me a fortune! *horrored*fears*tears*sobs*

How could this (in black):


turned into this:



Yes. A coupe cabriolet. A downgraded model from 307 to 206.  I am so not used to the limited space. But the kids love it. They call it “The Transformer” if I opened the top and its just “Baby Lion” when the top is on. I hope to drive my drive sooner. This car is driving me crazy!

To end this post happily, I’d like to congratulate Tina & Brian on their marriage last week. It was a great opportunity to attend your wedding reception. The foods were lovely! And you guys are beautiful! *winks* Once again, congrats B.A.T.A!!! (Brian And Tina Always *lol*)


Written by ezann

September 10, 2007 at 10:24 am

Posted in Indulge, Sad

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