I am in Chiang Mai

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Lama dah ku nda blayar..hmm iski eh..hehe

The flights were ok. A few minor turbulences tapi alhamdulilah I’m fine. Ah! The 1st adventure was masa kan connect ke domestic flight BKK-CHX. Seperti crazy kami lusir2. Nda plg belusir. Lari anak. Something like that, not sure of the exact words. Yatah sampai kaki ku berblister. Uwaaaaaa. Skali udah sampai Chiang Mai it was a relieve. The flight attendant was a nice guy. Tau ia kami muslim. Hehe. After an hour rehat we went out to look for the night bazaar and we locate it immediately. And then I decided to go to the mall. And yes, kami naik tuk tuk. Suka ku. Aku suka. Ku suka. Sakai! Cute eh. Bising plg. And imagine kalau ujan, mati chia berbasahan. Mengenangkan aku pada kisah masa d Mandalay, Myanmar. Huhuhu. Kami naik 2 jenis tuk tuk. Small & medium. Large alum merasai. Haha. And on our way back to the hotel, we say baby elephant.Tapi basar jua masih. Cuteeeeeeeeeeee…

The Central Airport Mall is cool. Before sungkai, we went separate ways for our window shopping. Then sungkai di pizza hut. Nyaman seafood pizza nya! I like. And the cheese mussels too. Mengenangkan aku pada seseorang. After sungkai we resume our shopping, i think i won. Razi didn’t get as much stuff as I did. Haha. Woman and shopping. The dynamic duo. Later in the evening, I went to the Night Bazaar..alone. Shhhhh jgn gtau mama. Kena lasing ku krg. But seriously, that place is much safer than Petaling Street. Ganya beware of dogs lah, payah krg memikirkan cemana kan tayamum.

I had mama’s sambal udang & tahai goreng for sahur. With steamed rice of cos. When I looked at my food corner. Mcm, supply utk 2 minggu pun cukup. Haha. Overpacked. The next day was kinda tiring. We had our meeting from 9.00 am til 5.00 pm. Joined the welcoming dinner for a short while and went to Night Bazaar. This time I didn’t went alone. Yet. Razi left me doing my shopping alone at 9.30. Ah well, I didnt mind at all. As usual, my final stop before going back to the hotel is Starbucks. They always have free food or drink as promotion. But u must be there arnd 10.30~11.00. 2 nights ago I tried the green tea + blackcurrant latte. Superb! And last night I had the blueberry cheesecake. Lucky me!

Today is another day. Joint expert group meetings going on til thursday. Its a boring presentation at the moment. He just read the text word by word. Yet he received compliments from the meeting that his presentations were excellent. How come? Uh, and there’s this rep from ITU, a Japanese hunk, H.O.T. *sesungguhnya aku sedang berpuasa*. Awu ah, dmlm I had a late late lateeeeeeeeeee sahur. Oleh sebab keletihan, I woke up at 4.25! Batah2 ambil breakfast box d reception udah tia 4.30! Haha. I checked online bila imsak and an Indon guy told me, imsak is at 5am. Phewwwww. I had pastries, fruits, sandwiches, and mini popia for sahur tadi. Back to my story, yes, that Jap is a sight for sore eyes.

Tonight we’ll be attending a special dinner hosted by Minister of Tele (kali) at the Chinese restaurant. Hmm mudahan ada makanan yg dpt d makan. Mun nda alamatnya makan indomee lah lagi…atau bali makanan d mcD & burgerKing.


Eh Aki….I miss u dude! Banaaaa


Written by ezann

October 2, 2007 at 3:49 pm

Posted in Food, Indulge, Work

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