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Things get as hectic as always at work. Workload piles up more than it reduces. But hey, that’s normal. It’s amazing that during those days I took my leave, I didn’t have the urge at all to update this blog. Not even to go online. I suppose I was so in the festive mood. Was. Not anymore. Now I am in the mood to complete all my tasks. *yeaaa rite*




So many things happen while I disappeared from the floating-cyber-space world. I am invited to the 5Sc1/Sc2 SMB Reunion @ Sonny’s. Kewlies. Applause to the organizers. It felt so great being invited. Can’t wait for the weekend. To be able to meet my classmates, laugh at those silly acts and jokes, meet their spouses and kids, and the best of all, having fun!




Lately, I felt so messed up. Having all these mixed feelings. I do not know what and who else can cheer me up. Because I know I can’t count on myself to do that. There’s always this feeling to move away from misery though it’s obvious that running away from misery is never a solution. If only the financial unit is promising enough, I would’ve been somewhere further from where I am by now. *lol*. One moment I am truly happy. One moment I feel so useless. Another moment I wanted to stay away from every single soul. But now, I am numb from whatever situation I want myself to be in. How more messed up can I be? And this has affected my festive mood.




Nevertheless, it is still not too late to wish all muslims around the world a Happy Eid Ul Fitr. Especially to families, families-to-be, best friends, buddies, friends, officemates and everyone who’s reading this blog. I kindly ask your forgiveness for every wrongdoings made directly and/or indirectly. Who knows I might not be here for Eid next year.



My Eid wasn’t complete. I missed my late daddy, my late grandpa, my late aunties so much (Al-Fatihah). And those who are thousands of miles away from home, Aki & Madi & Irah, I terribly miss you guys a lot. This is my first Eid without my neph. Such a big difference. Next year, come home for Eid!!! On the other side of the story, I actually visited more houses this year than last year since I joined my fiance’s family for the Raya Convoy to KB. It felt so nice being accepted. Thank you very much..

I felt messed up..still..


Written by ezann

October 24, 2007 at 8:24 am

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  1. huhu..i miss u too..

    erah kajenmu yg lawa

    October 31, 2007 at 11:55 pm

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