Define tea?

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I am still craving for burung puyuh panggang/goreng. There’s one restaurant I know in Batu Besurat that serves burung puyuh goreng. 3 & I went there last Sunday but it was closed. Damn. So I decided to go to the nextdoor restaurant. Damn. Menyasal ku masuk. They do not serve burung puyuh. Ok that’s fine for me. I just ordered hot tea.

After minutes of wait, that lousy waitress came to our table and served our drink. 3 had his air jagung. And she gave me TEA TARIK!! I asked, “sama kah teh sama teh tarik ani?”. She understood my sarcasm. Just then a couple walked in and made their order. To my surprise, their foods and drinks were served first before my simple hot tea! I could still control my anger at that time. 3 was so malas to layan my mood. He just kept quiet. Then she came to me and gave me Tea wilk Milk. Damnit! I asked her again, “Apakan teh ani?”. Another sarcasm note. Oh btw, I asked for a CUP of tea, not a GLASS! Much to my disappointment, I just accepted the so called teh and never drank it. But paid for it. So, how do these people actually define tea?????? Why is it so hard to recognize a tea, tea tarik & tea with milk?

Enough said about that lousy waitress.  And tea. Hahaha.

Yesterday was a bit hectic at the office. Since my colleague is off for his training, I was given the task to takeover his work for the time being, which is, until next year. *horrored* But that’s ok. He has helped me a lot with my work from the very first day of me taking over customer services. *lol*.  My line was like a 911 hotline. Kinda irritated with the ringing sound. Haha. Plus, with my injured neck, I couldn’t take all the stress that I had to go off from work 45 mins early. After my appointment with my usual physiotherapist, he asked me not to do any weightliftings at the moment and get my hands off computers unless it’s work related (oops..sorry doc, i have to blog haha).

But today so far is absolutely lovely! I would have to thank my office colleagues for all the surprises! I repeat, surprises! One during the morning tea break which almost worked hehe and another during the lunchtime which really really surprised me. Yeah, my last year’s birthday celebration was ruined.  But this year is a bravo! Thank you for all the wishes and prayers. I really appreciate that. Oh I love December so much. *smiles*

Gotta run now. Wonder what’s coming up for tonight. 3….!!!!!!!!!!!!


Written by ezann

December 4, 2007 at 5:00 pm

Posted in Anger, Everything, Happy, Love

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  1. Happpy belateddd birthdayyy babeee *hugs*. Wishing u a lifetime of happiness, good wealth and great health. *amin*


    December 7, 2007 at 11:08 pm

  2. thanks dearie!


    December 10, 2007 at 4:10 pm

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