Congratulations Naz & Nat!!

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What a month it has been. But all ends with joy and happy faces here and there. Alhamdulilah. My sincerest congratulations to the beloved cousin, Naz a.k.a ED a.k.a PrakDak, who is now happily married to Natalie. Sail the new ship with full of love and happiness… I am so so happy for both of you *sobs* nah kan nangis tia ku…


So many happy moments this year..

Rosnah & Hazman’s Wedding (February 2007) roswedding.jpg

Erne & Ashadil’s Wedding (March 2007) ernewedding.jpg

Ez & 3’s Engagement (July 2007) ezengagement.jpg

Erah & Ayza’s Engagement (August 2007) erahengagement.jpg

Let’s just say, there are happy and sad moments occuring during these past 12 months of 2007. May 2008 be more blessed and filled with lots of joy and happiness. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

Happy New Year 2008 to all of you. *mmmmmmmmmmmmmwahss*

My final post of the year,


Written by ezann

December 31, 2007 at 4:39 pm

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