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Kalau bukan sebab mencari Jong Sarat untuk hantaran, I wouldn’t be bothered kan ambil tau pasal corak, kualiti & kehalusan seni tenunan Brunei. *shame on me*. Last week, we were surveying for Jong Sarat. Went to my aunt’s workstation d kampung, 3 loved that Kain SukmaIndera of grey background, banang emas, corak sukma indera and bunga nya colour2. It’s absolutely beautiful. As for me, alum ada yang ku tepakai. I still opt for bright pinkish peach colour. That means my aunt needs to find a new banang for that particular colour I wanted. Demanding, I know. But I am customer, nda jua salah kan.. *smiles*

We went to Sumbangsih Mulia soon after that. Disana lawa lawa eh…the colours, the patterns..i was so amazed. The saleslady arah the 1st kadai we went in explained to us what Jong Sarat is. Before that, to my understanding, Jong Sarat is the tenunan itself, i.e. semua is Jong Sarat. Rupanya I was very very salah. Hahahaha. Jong Sarat is the one of the many tenunan with corak such as Biji Timun (!). Sounds weird tapi the pattern is a woohooo superb! Further on she explained another corak which is Selubang Bangsi. She said if this corak’s bunga is without many colours (just banang emas) so it is called Jong Sarat, else it is called Kain Selubang Bangsa tia. Amazing huh! I particularly loveeeeeeeeeeee that Jong Sarat corak Biji Timun in HOT PINK! *sigh* And then the sukmaindera’s corak bunga can also be replaced with bunga Cinaputar or Kinaputar or just Bungaputar. Which one yang lurus pun inda ku sure. Yang penting putarnya ada. She showed us the SukmaIndera with Cinaputar pattern. Fuyoo! 3 asked what makes the kain tenunan costs thousands. Rupanya its the banang. Those tenunans that costs thousands of Brunei dollars are tenunan with banang sutera. Which means the banang emas is banang sutera emas. Another wow factor. I couldn’t remember how many ‘wow’s came out from my mouth. They are simply beautiful. I saw the way they tenun the kain. So complicated. Have to count the banangs to make the corak. Imagine how many counts for a 2 meters standard size kain tenunan!

Thinking of these patterns remind me of the Brunei Traditional Game called Pasang. I was my school’d representative for the Permainan Pasang competition and dengan bangganya, I am one of the best players during the competition. Clean record during my first time joining. Masa 2nd year, kalah 2 kali. Damn. Anyways, that’s an extra information. *kambang* haha. This Pasang games pun kalau kan susun the butang-butang mesti ikut corak. Ada corak sipugut, bunga putar, and lots lots more. I think these patterns are based on the corak/pattern kain tenunan. It’s kinda amazing that these patterns are applicable in many ways. Even in a traditional game.

I am proud of my beloved country!

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Written by ezann

January 22, 2008 at 11:59 am

Posted in Happy, Indulge

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