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This is a nice song..of the mid 90s

Setinggi seluas..gunung dan lautan..sejuta harapan dipertaruhkan

beronak berliku..jalan ku lalui..selagi berupaya..ku teruskan

alangkah sukarnya memadam bayangan masa silam..didalam keberanian terusik jua perasaan

tiada hentinya memanjatkan doa..semoga jiwa ini terus tabah

sesungguhnya saat yang terindah hanya lah sementara

yang terpahat dalam diri hanya kenangan dan nestapa

tak rela ku turutkan hati..menyesali apa terjadi

andainya begitu suratan yang tertulis di azali

biarlah walaupun ku sepi..sedih pedih dikhianati

aku kan tetap terus mengorak langkah perjalanan ini

i am not (and never was) a fan of the singer of this song but i like this song. sedih plg, i know. not that i am in that mood. speaking of this singer, i did watch Cuci where she acted in it as well. hmmphh..Hans Isaac..better luck next time, it wasn’t much as i expected. but the casting was not bad esp. the Cuci team. haha. i always loved Awie’s characters in all his non lovey dovey movies i.e. Y. Haslam’s movies. and afdlin, he is as chubby and huggable as always.

it is, now, the american idol fever. at the moment they are still showing the auditions which are super duper hilarious. i bet most of idol fans watched that Renaldo guy’s audition. the guy who adores Simon Cowell. it made my evening. will he be the next William Hung? got few more auditions to watch before the next selection..

these past few days i’ve been a couch potato..but..i learnt some new stuffs. i can never tell the difference between a rare, medium and well-done steak. can you? Mr. Ramsay from the “F Word” series from Asian Food Channel (AFC) taught me something useful. to compare: when you touch your cheeks, that’s rare; you chin, that’s medium; your forehead, that’s well done. tadaaaaa..


Written by ezann

January 31, 2008 at 11:34 pm

Posted in Everything

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