Pull. Aim. Release.

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What great weekends I had! Last week ke Singapore and this week Archery. Masa di Singapore, I was a happy and satisfied shopaholic. Didn’t realise my wallet thinned that fast!!! *yikes* Our flight to SG was delayed for 2 bloody hours! Atu kan excited berabis sudah. Initially the flight was scheduled to depart at 8.00 am, some few days later I was told that our flight was rescheduled 20 minutes so that the plane cud touchdown Changi Airport just before the SG Aeroshow/Airshow (?) rehearsal. Sudah boarding, kena gtau tia there’s a problem with the plane and so we had to wait until 8.30am. Yea rite, mimpi lah kan sampai awal. When every problem was rectified, ada lagi announcement saying that they had to reschedule (again!) our flight to 9.45am so that the plane can touchdown Changi just after the rehearsal ended. Damn. Out of boredom, I snapped a pic of the problematic plane. But it was ok lah. We were given a complimentary meal masa dlm terminal building. I had the chix sandwich from Express. Hahahahahaha. The inflight food was as usual: bad! I think I slept during most of the journey.
p1080002e.jpg p1080004e.jpg
The highlight of my SG trip:
p1080020e.jpg << Beardpapa’s Chocolate Fondant, nyum!! >> p1080021e.jpg

p1080029e.jpg << (i find this interesting!) Sky Park @ Vivo City >> p1080033e.jpg


^^I On Singapore!! This was taken on our way to Changi Airport^^


^^Balik 😦 Ani kes malas ni namanya. Gambar saja dari jauh just to know which row kan check-in. Hehe^^

Interesting fact: I bought 7 pairs of shoes but only ONE handbag! Cemana ni?? Even di airport pun ku belurih kasut. Siuk berabut sama this blonde euro gal. We have the same shoe size so whatever she tried on aku cuba jua. Sampai this one pair which is soooo lawa (it’s in yellow btw) she took it off my sight supaya aku inda mencuba. Hahahahaha that was funny. Hmmph what else.. yeah, we had a few BAD taxi experiences. Penipu and full of sh!t. I dont mean that literally (that sh!t part). Malas ku cerita. That tells how bad the taxi drivers are. Now I mean this literally: they faces are full of sh!t, i.e. sh!t face. Damn, that was a relieve. With all those expenses on taxi, I could’ve bought one or two more pair of shoes. (Andy: “Pairs of shoes” kah “pair of shoes?” *giggled*). Our meals, we had one malay meal at Joo Chiat, semua makanannya pedas berabis; Mos Burger, Fish & Co; Alm’s at Lucky Plaza; LJS; and 7 Eleven’s garlic bread & choc croissant, hahaha. The best.. Alm’s Restaurant. The chix beriyani is sooooooooooooo nyaman, and the Dosai too. Yatah, that place was actually nda ramai org since it was still 10am. Skali this one kaling offered us to sit sbalahnya. Muahahahahaha whatever it was he had in mind!

Pull. Aim. Release. One addictive sport. I have always wanted to play Archery back when I was still in form five. Could it be my Archer zodiac that makes me so interested in this sport? Its like, after 10 years baru ku dpt merasai main memanah ani. For real. It was such a great feeling after releasing the first arrow! 3 & I arrived in KB around 10ish and had our brunch before starting our archery addiction. We didn’t know it was that addictive plg. There, we met two of our friends. Just let the pictures tell the story..
p1090033e.jpg p1090036e.jpg
p1090039e.jpg p1090035e.jpg
p1090041e.jpg << Mardiah | Ali Imran (Siapa mengacau d blkg atu?)>> p1090038e.jpg
^^(above)Red light on || The archery arena(below)vv
We had 40 arrows in total. 20 each. Everything costs B$16.50. Plus a few arrows kena lanja oleh Ali (thanks dude hehe). Atu pun alum cukup. Jangan inda mencuba. First timer lah katakan. Looking at the pictures, I think my hands are not in line with my shoulders. I need to work on the arrow pulling and aiming. I am more comfortable using that bow with the wooden thingy. I don’t know the name of the parts yet but I will sure learn. Somebody coach me!!!!!!!! Dpt jua ku jadi handal and ikut World Championship. Huuhuhuhuhu…inda jua salah bermimpi kannnn.. BJ (Belalang Jati) Archery Center, i’ll be there next week!
Sooooooooooo, anyone interested for a trip to KB and main memanah tugeder-geder??
(Congratulations to Zara & Fadly on their newborn baby. Zar, its pull, aim and release hehehe)

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February 24, 2008 at 10:46 pm

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