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its 0109 hours. its monday. and its the 15th week of the year. and the worst thing is… I CAN’T SLEEP! arghhhh.

i haven’t been updating this blog, my facebook, my friendster, my multiply, my blogger and others that require internet sebab..sibuk! bukan sebab nada internet. lol. wedding preps are getting more hectic. cash flowed out macam nada. tapi when that moment registered my brain, betapa payahnya kan kumpul duit at that super duper amount yg nda pernah ku kumpul selama ku hidup. man..that’s life. that’s the BEGINNING of life. lapas ani.. slalu tia ku beutang..haha. hopefully inda lah. sadang2 eh hutang ani. tapi nya org..mun nda mampu cana tah jua.

there are ups and downs of wedding preps ani. as how i put it in my MSN nick a few weeks back: Stress nya hingga menjilat jari~ lain stress d ofis. kadang2 sampai mental. thank goodness there’s a stress reliever we call the pingpong game, and Wii, and colouring book. pingpong game, my current addiction. stress sikit, main. it did help plg. but too much of it can kill my professionalism. yes i do realise that. but too much of it pun ada hikmahnya, calories burnt. haha. Wii, my faithful companion di bilik. when i feel like dancing, i Wii. when i feel like boxing, i Wii. even when i feel like cooking, i Wii. but when i tried to kiss Wii, Wii didn’t kiss me back. So my Wii is just a companion not for intimacy. Hahahahaha apakan. Colouring book, my long lost friend. I do not own a colouring book. Apa lagi colour pencil. My little angels share those with me. Thanks to you, lovely nephs n nieces. I coloured pages of Winnie the Pooh, Transformers, Ben 10, Barbie, Bratz, Spiderman, Ultraman, Power Rangers, My Little Pony, any available kiddies coouring book, u name it, i coloured it! say i acted like a kid, it doesnt matter when it helps u to release all the bad feelings in your mind.

watched a very few good movies and potential bad ones. 27 dresses, lovely! PS I love you, could’ve been better! what else eh? i think atu ganya yg kami liat yg latest so far. haha. i was so frustated with PS I love you. If any of u have read the book, u cudnt agree more that the book is far better than the movie. jauh banar twist nya. sampai the irish Holly jadi american Holly. crappy crap crap. the happy family jadi screwed family. entah eeeeehhhhh emosi ku. and oh, to cover it up, i read PS I love you again, for the 3rd time. and yes, i still cry! oh whiner me!

its april now. apriiillll. oh no! april, may, june, july, august. whats that? 4 months to go? 18 weekends left to spend before miss change to missus? *sobs* i feel like the preps is not even close to 50%. or is it just me being paranoid. so many things happened. so many many many things.

and now, i just feel like sitting down and goyang kaki and wait for my loan to be approved and masuk dlm account ku. then i think of where i want to go for our honeymoon. venice?


Written by ezann

April 7, 2008 at 1:32 am

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