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2 weeks left.

Things are getting hectic. Hopefully everything goes fine. Feeling a bit down and stressed lately. Andangnya kali sudah makin hampir atu.

Its very stressful when something came up that needs to be settled urgently. Adakah patut benda yg sudah bersubmit months ago sudah dakat2 ani baru tah kan gtau something else needs to be done. Knowing govt’s slow process. Yea, I need not elaborate further. Understood sudah tu. Why do these kind of these have to be at the last minute? I didn’t know how to react to it. Sad, mad or just regard it as a challenge. But somehow I chose to keep quite when suddenly tears became my sole companion. If only one soul can listen to my heart and try to understand what I am going through.

Excited, I am. 3 more weeks then thats it, Im starting a new life. Ive been imagining wild and bad things. Hope it didn’t turn out that way. Too much TV, too much reading and too much gossips.

They say the wedding preps will never be 100% ready not until the event starts. I am starting to believe it. It seems like everything is ready but no, I still have an endless list of “to-do”s and “to-buy”s. How I wish I could turn it into a simpler ceremony.

I heard that “gray thing” saying something about malay wedding, where it involves a big budget. Yes, Walrus, it does. Because we spend it for the good of ourselves. Not investing it on some stupid weekend golf of yours. Or this wasting club you’re so proud of. Dont you ever geddit that not many of us likes you? Urgh! Stop being so sarcastic when you’re far more worst than us.

On the brighter side of my life, I am a proud owner of Samsung Omnia!

Samsung Omnia i900

Samsung Omnia i900

Oh. And to “Herrr”s commentary. Yea, WTF man???? People make mistake. And hey, I am not the official media for mobile phones so if you wana look for more information you can surf elsewhere unless you’re knowledgeless of other sites. Think man! Think! Time time cemani ia bagi aku stress. WTF is wrong with YOU??

There, I said it!

Good luck to me in 2 weeks time..


Written by ezann

July 28, 2008 at 4:58 pm

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