The Holy month of Ramadhan…

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..is coming to its end. Am gonna miss it and hope to see more Ramadhans in the future.

What a happy month it has been so far.

My biggest hugs’n’kisses to September celebrants;

2nd – Bongsu ku Mimiww

15th – Uncle ku Bang Min

18th – Superwoman ku Mama

22nd – Kambar ku ET

29th – Baby ku Iffat

I love my family! Erah went back to Cairo last week masa bday mama. Sad eh. We thought we gonna have a full team for raya. And she was informed pada saat-saat bahagia kan celebrate raya sama-sama.

Hmm, 18th Sept is one of my fave dates sbb ada double occasion; mama’s bday and my graduation date (2004). It was 4 years ago. And it is still fresh on my mind. What an auspicious day. Ngam lagi bday mama tu.. double sioks!

Happy moments..

Last nite we had a pre-raya family potrait. Due to the time constraint, we know wouldnt be able to take family potraits masa 1st day raya. Imagine with 7 kids + 1 teen, cana kan manage tu utk menteranahkan durg? Aki lah especially. Huhu. Dimalam sudah ancur. 6 sudah settle, sorang masih gauk. But it was fun while it lasted. I had to wear baju lama sbb baju ku alum siap. Sasak ku c Heng atu, cuba kalau nda siap baju ku, ku HANG ko. Muahahaha..

This year’s Ramadhan is different for me. Me, as a wife. Hehe. Sungkai with my family and his family. Sioks. And having someone to remind for sungkai and sahur. What a joy~ What a life~ What a chance~

Oh. And Mamma Mia. Its a great and lovely musical movie. I love i love i love! Thank you for the music~~

Raya is just around the corner, preparation is about to start. I still wanna enjoy Ramadhan.

And work; ahhhh bin it! selagi c fugly masih ada..

I love my hubby. And my Omnia πŸ˜€


Written by ezann

September 23, 2008 at 12:20 pm

Posted in Happy, Love

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